Organisaties Palestina


BDS movement



Youth against Settlements

Askar Social development center

The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG)



The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) is one of the most influential and biggest grassroots women organizations, which aims at building a democratic Palestinian society based on gender equality, social justice, and respect for human rights.

PWWSD strengthens, empowers and mobilizes women’s participation in the development process, promotes women’s Civic and Human Rights, and improves women’s and girls’ mental health and psychological wellbeing....


Stop the wall campaign

“The Campaign’s aim to tear down the Wall is aligned with the Palestinian desire for liberation—for those of us inside and in exile, the young and old, those who have died, and those yet to be born. We are part of the struggle to protect our birthright to not only exist, but to reclaim our history and our ancestral land, and ensure a just future for the Palestinian people.