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Scholars and activists say Latino Commission on AIDS should respect boycott.

Israel Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association boasts of mental health treatment innovations while ignoring Palestinian trauma.

Brussels goes silent on abuse of Palestinian rights.

Palestinians protest normalization despite PA repression.

Louise Ellman’s claims about anti-Semitism in Liverpool do not add up.

Palestinians call to boycott festivals organized on forcibly depopulated lands.

Stocks of 225 essential drugs are almost completely depleted.
Basim Abu Obeid was helping evacuate an injured Palestinian when he was shot in the leg.

Unrecognized villages to be evicted for weapons testing facility twice the size of Tel Aviv.

Israel's attacks continue to harm health and the environment after the bombing stops.
Gaza police officer Alaa al-Gharabli was killed by one of his neighbors.

Either contender for prime minister will expand annexation and ethnic cleansing policies.

Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon falsely claims she was protested “for being a Jew.”

But Chris Williamson is still suspended on new charges.

Israeli foreign minister suggests it’s a step closer to “peace agreements.”

Brigade Juive sent emails threatening to “scalp” supporters of Palestinian rights.

Palestinians seeking to return home have been attacked since 1949.

Elbit Systems lobbies Congress for more contracts on US-Mexico border.

Two-state tunnel vision comes at the expense of justice and accountability.

Momentum boss now spreads smears he previously rejected.