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Panorama gives Israel lobby open platform to demonize Labour Party.

Dozens of international faculty affected by visa policy.

Siyam family waged a decades-long legal battle to stay in their Silwan property.

Spy cop “Rob Harrison” deceived a woman into a relationship.

Saudi crackdown on Palestinians as Gulf figures embrace Israel ties.

Probable prime minister has expressed contradictory views on the Balfour Declaration.

Can you be a progressive, anti-racist champion while supporting Israel’s lethal apartheid?

Having survived bitter fighting in Damascus, some Palestinians had to endure a deadly Israeli attack almost exactly five years ago.

US diplomacy on Palestine is not incompetent. It’s deeply cynical

Michael Bueckert joins us to discuss Act.IL.

The remains of 11 Palestinians from Gaza are currently being held by Israel.

The Israel Project’s CEO Josh Block blames “polarized political climate.”

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Leftist MP suspended as party member again.

White House officials inaugurate Israeli settlement project

Sweeping ban on political activity deemed necessary to protect German-Israeli relations.

Military’s justification of lethal force shows total disregard for Palestinian lives.

Effort to cement anti-Iran alliance comes at expense of Palestinian rights.

Activists denounce effort to shut down free speech and criminalize solidarity.

Grégory Chelli is charged in connection with the death of Thierry Le Corre.