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Motion reiterates members’ demand for policy ending arms sales to Israel.

Eyewitnesses say teens shot during Gaza protests are denied first aid.

Censorship of Palestinian rights accelerates in countries that claim to support free speech.

Jury reverses decision after anti-Palestinian website smears novelist.

This academy teaches Palestinian children to solve math problems creatively.

Robert C. O’Brien rejects international law regarding Israeli settlements.

The legendary “Angry Arab” joins us for a wide-ranging discussion.

Extreme ruling “undermines the most basic principles of universal humanity,” rights group says.

Amnesty says killing of woman who posed no immediate threat may be unlawful.

Ismail Ziada is seeking justice for Israel’s 2014 killing of his family.

Netanyahu’s bigotry drove Palestinian citizens of Israel to the polls.

Joan Ryan will not contest next general election.

“While we wait and wait … Palestinian children continue to be held in Israeli military detention.”

European policy of pandering to Israel’s ultra-far-right comes home to roost.

Despite denials, there’s plenty of evidence Israel spies on Americans.

Protests following Israa Gharib's death reflect growing anger about gender-related crime.
Will a West Bank annexation prove the final straw for the Palestinian Authority?

Liberals and Conservatives “most extreme” in opposing boycott of Israel.

Israeli company suing human rights group for investigating Golan Heights wind farm.

Canada discriminates against Palestinian beer and wine.