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Report by anti-BDS ministry shows poor understanding of social media.

Hawks present themselves as respectable by offering free dinners to EU officials.

US has repeatedly replenished Israeli supply of Boeing’s bunker buster munitions.

Amman unilaterally canceled agreement with US in November, court filing reveals.

Fake grassroots group Act.IL, funded by Israel, aims to "influence foreign publics."

Democrats initiate flawed resolutions to uphold obsolete two-state solution.

Multi-pronged assault is a war for the entire region.

Will the Ultimate Deal finally be unveiled?

Palestinian breakdancers challenge occupation and their own communities.

Israel allows HeidelbergCement to plunder more Palestinian natural resources.

How Israel manipulated evidence on killing of Bedouin math teacher.

ICE deported Abdelhaleem Ashqar on a chartered plane after lying to his family and lawyer.

Artist says he will “stand up for what’s right” rather than “lie about BDS for a check.”

Investigation launched based on allegations from group run by West Bank settler.

Pro-Israel Trump supporter with record of bigotry leading “anti-discrimination” effort.

Toddler book “P is for Palestine” faced ban at a New Jersey public library.

Former justice minister Irwin Cotler helps legitimize Israeli crimes among liberals.

150 European researchers demand end to funding of Israeli weapons firms.

Protesters and medics didn’t die “as a result of clashes,” they were deliberately targeted.

Military accused of lying about how 5-year-old was treated.