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Broadcaster’s reporting doesn’t align with reality in the occupied city.

High court rejects petition to charge Jewish suspects in killing of Palestinian family. 

Israeli soldier reportedly detained over war crimes allegation.

HeidelbergCement’s West Bank quarries violate basic human rights, says Danish pensions giant PFA.

A Jerusalem museum celebrates the Palestinian poetry which inspired US political prisoner George Jackson.

Many of the pundits condemning Trump have helped fuel Islamophobia; we shouldn’t let them off the hook. 

Incident shows levels of open incitement and harassment against Palestinians by Israeli settlers, with the full collusion of the army.

Maliha Awwad does not accept the reasons given by Israel for why it killed her daughter, Hadil.
Palestinian couple have lost a baby after each of Israel's recent wars.

An Israeli military base has been set up on the campus of the Palestine Technical University in Tulkarem.

Second time in six months flagship Today program is censored for bias toward Israel.

Israel bans import of wood, carpentry tools and paint.
Collective solidarity in Jerusalem-area refugee camp evokes spirit of first intifada.

Ruling deals blow to lawfare efforts by Israel advocates.

Withholding of bodies makes independent investigation nearly impossible.

The Conservative government says BDS harms UK's "international interests."

Nuno Wahnon Martins, a representative of the European Jewish Congress, is directly influencing the EU’s relations with Israel. 

Nearly one-third of all Palestinians killed in recent weeks were slain in the city.

Why is Netanyahu snubbing fellow bigot Donald Trump?

US law prohibits aid going to specific units responsible for human rights violations.