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Why is the celebrated public intellectual promoting Israel as a model for reparations?

Just 31 percent of US Jewish students view Israel as a democracy.

Underreported, but not unobserved: Israeli demolition strategy is broad and unforgiving.

Maker of fizzy drink machines is first major company to openly acknowledge that BDS is making an impact.

Recently deceased writer Salman Natour criticized military service that Israel imposed on the Druze community.

Palestine activists put up posters designed to look like real advertisements condemning Israel’s rights violations.

Israel may be preparing for the death of Muhammad al-Qiq.

Youth does not appear an immediate threat to anyone’s life when he is shot dead.

Lawyers say that influential nations have been adept at evading international justice.

B’Tselem says Israel is holding Muhammad al-Qiq with no lawful authority and must release him immediately.

Professor argues that Israel is “notorious” for stealing water from Palestinians. 

Palestinians said inclusion of Israel-government funded luxury trip aimed to whitewash war crimes.

Fatah and Hamas have no joint strategy on ending the Israeli occupation.

Amnesty International calls on Israel to urgently facilitate transfer of Muhammad al-Qiq to Ramallah hospital.

Public bodies boycotting Israel could be fined.

Florida students bypass veto of divestment resolution as student-led campaign grows.

Israel is eliminating one of the only means of self-defense and survival for Palestinians in Gaza while priming the Israeli public for the next war.

Lack of resources due to Israel's institutionalized discrimination means no classrooms for many students.
Gaza lacks essential equipment to deal with extreme winter weather.

Law firm’s withdrawal of funds from Harvard is latest example of growing anti-Palestinian censorship.