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Military protocol authorizes massive firepower to prevent a captured soldier from being taken alive.

Eleven ambulance drivers and civil defense workers were killed during Israel’s 2014 attack.

Emails reveal Minneapolis is proceeding with the trial of Jordan Kushner after Israel-funded group StandWithUs contacted prosecutors.
Families of those killed in Israel's 2014 aggression say Palestinian Authority is using internal division to evade responsibility.

Professors at US universities form Faculty for Justice in Palestine to support student activism and protect academic freedom.

Omar Nayef Zayed had sought shelter at Palestinian embassy where he was found dead.

Democratic frontrunner has embraced pro-Israel extremists yet spurned mainstream Muslim groups.

Israel has agreed to release the Palestinian journalist a month early from administrative detention, which will not be renewed.

Daoud al-Ghoul works to expose seizure of Palestinian homes by Israeli settler groups in Jerusalem.

Trial judge erred by excluding testimony on Palestinian American’s torture by Israel.

Palestinians locked in coackroach-infested, grave-like cells and fed rotten food at Israeli torture center.

Incident outside West Bank settlement is indicative of Israel’s excessive use of lethal force.

Israel allowed two senior Hamas prisoners to visit Muhammad al-Qiq under heavy guard.

Israel to ramp up monitoring of activists by its embassies.

Why is the celebrated public intellectual promoting Israel as a model for reparations?

Just 31 percent of US Jewish students view Israel as a democracy.

Underreported, but not unobserved: Israeli demolition strategy is broad and unforgiving.

Maker of fizzy drink machines is first major company to openly acknowledge that BDS is making an impact.

Recently deceased writer Salman Natour criticized military service that Israel imposed on the Druze community.

Palestine activists put up posters designed to look like real advertisements condemning Israel’s rights violations.