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Video shows Israeli military using a bulldozer to “confirm the kill” of a Palestinian fighter.

MSNBC fails to disclose commentator’s link to Israel lobby group.

Abby Martin sues US state of Georgia over anti-BDS law; Tony Greenstein on anti-Zionism after collapse of UK Labour.

Israeli forces are traumatizing Palestinian children and causing permanent injuries.

Eyal Weizman heads Forensic Architecture, whose investigations have led to arrests and resignations.

Labour activist Audrey White was smeared by the paper.

“I’m like the fish. If I leave the sea, I die.”
These martial artists build strength and self-confidence through sport.

How Israel and its supporters ensured a one-state reality.

Israel's policies place traditions in jeopardy.

Jo Bird was suspended last week in apparent effort to rig election.

Labour’s Israel lobby now despised by membership.

Berlin intervenes in International Criminal Court to back impunity for Israel.

New anti-racism group founded by war criminals completely ignores bigotry against Palestinians.

Betty McCollum lambastes leading pro-Israel group.

A Nakba survivor in Gaza looks at her land across the boundary and remembers life there.

Faced with a disinterested world, Palestinians need to accommodate to the next stage of their struggle

Survey suggests three quarters of membership should be expelled according to witch hunt logic.

AIPAC apologizes for ad smearing Democrats as anti-Semites.

Watch EI’s Ali Abunimah debate Deal of the Century.