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Engaged couple's Gaza home destroyed just three weeks before their wedding.
College accepted large sum from entrepreneur and politician George Weidenfeld.
Israel's siege means that young people in Gaza have no future.

Not even Israel advocates want his plan to see the light of day.

Trade union rejects participation in Jerusalem light rail.

Companies feeling pressure to end complicity in Israeli settlements.

Pinkwashing organization has received donations from reactionaries.

Young Jewish Conservatives’ director Ben Packer supports founder of Kach organization designated as terrorist group by US.

Palestinians end hunger strike after Israeli concessions.

UAE and Israel participate in joint military exercise.

Muhammad Abd al-Fattah was not killed in self-defense, but while he was defenseless.

Palestinian Authority halts allowances to families of people killed in Gaza.

Trump senior adviser’s racism traces back to college days with white supremacist Richard Spencer and Kahane supporter Ben Packer.

Settlers visit holy site under army escort while Palestinians are under curfew.

Israel has imposed measures intended to worsen conditions for detainees.

Israeli elections only brings further slide down supremacist populist pole.

How Israel uses social media to try to spin its crimes.

Human rights defender was scheduled to speak to US audiences.

Smuggled sperm and IVF bring new lease of life to Palestinian prisoners.

Human rights groups denounce firm’s decision to remain complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.