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Fourteen Palestinians killed in Gaza and one in Israel since Sunday.

Hamas shows restraint in attack on military bus; factions agree Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

Palestinian resistance groups say one million Israelis within reach of their missiles.

Trump faces criticism for threatening immigrants while Israel’s deadly force is tolerated for Palestinian rock throwers.

Palestinians killed along Gaza boundary.

Return of refugees “will be a challenge,” cash-strapped UN agency says.

Muhammad Nasir Ziad al-Rifi’s spine was hit by shrapnel that killed his father and twin brother.

Israel lobbyist: "The foundation that AIPAC sat on is rotten."

More than $1.2 million of investments dropped.

Jordan Valley demolitions leave families destitute.
A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.
Censored Al Jazeera film is now online.

Case against Rabab Abdulhadi and the university sought to restrict Palestine advocacy on campus.

Frontex, the EU's border guard agency, has begun testing Israeli warplanes.
A family of seven lives on a few dollars a day in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Oman is only the tip of the iceberg.

Embassy officer spied on students, latest excerpt to leak from Al Jazeera's censored film shows.
Gaza’s young SFX artists challenge Israel’s siege and society’s norms.

Three boys die in an airstrike one day after Israel hit dozens of sites across Gaza.

The arguments against Palestinian nationhood will only encourage belligerent aliens.