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Congresswoman’s courage against AIPAC and empire reveals rot in both parties.

Israeli-fired tear gas bombs have killed three protesters in Gaza this year.

How Israel promised the UAE not to conduct assassinations on its soil.

Israel denies Palestinians permission to receive treatment outside Gaza.

Grégory Chelli, known as Ulcan, is accused of hoax calls, one of them lethal.

Poet jailed by Israel receives literary freedom award in The Netherlands.

After 17 years in Israeli jail, Ahmed Khris is unable to see his family.
Dismissed by Israel and forgotten internationally, Palestinians are at a critical juncture.

Max Blumenthal joins us to talk Venezuela, the Integrity Initiative and “Russiagate.”

Claims that Israel and its lobby don’t meddle are farcical.

Is the influence of the Israel lobby waning?

Thirty-eight boys and girls have been killed during Great March of Return.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt’s election as prospective MP was barred over tweets in support of anti-Zionist Jackie Walker.

Faris Baroud, arrested before Oslo, spent most of his life in Israeli jail.

Settlers enjoy impunity as they attack Palestinians.

Ruling is blow to pro-Israel lawfare to harass campaigners.

Children and teachers contend with tear gas, live ammunition and stun grenades.

Mohamed Dalo challenges the marginalization of graphic art.

Israel lobby has been demanding expulsion of Black Jewish activist.

Democratic elites afraid of party’s pro-Palestinian base, say Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah.